Documenting It

Whenever I travel, I carry a small journal with me to take notes on the things I observe, and as inspiration for my art work.  As a huge nature lover, and self proclaimed tree hugger,  I spend a lot of time in as many natural places as I can, and there’s no better place to do that than Costa Rica!

As a digital nomad who helps artists grow their businesses online, and a mixed media artist myself, I have the great privilege of being able to work from anywhere in the world!

Costa Rica-Champion of the Earth

Costa Rica has won many awards for its commitment to sustainability, and fight against climate change, and has been named one of the Champions of the Earth, by the United Nations Environment Programme.

It’s clear when visiting there that the country is committed to both sustainable growth, and preserving natural resources which are vital not only to the planet, but to their industry as a world renowned tourist destination.


They are not without their struggles.  Development still dots the landscapes.  But overall, their attempts at reforestation, and preservation are notable.

My Experiences

Here’s what I observed about the culture, climate, and people while I was there.

*The people were joyful, kind, patient with our limited Spanish, and realistic about their lives when we asked about them.  They totally embrace “Pura Vida” (the simple or good life) and use it to say hello, goodbye, thank you, have a great day!  It’s all encompassing of their gracious nature.

*The food was delicious, and the farmer’s markets were dreams come true, and very reasonably priced.

*The scenery is breathtaking and has to be seen to be really be appreciated.

*My husband and I felt healthier, happier, and more relaxed then we had in years.  We attributed this to hiking a lot, climbing up and down steep trails to see beautiful waterfalls, vistas, and rainforests, and generally spending most of our time in nature.  We ate healthy food, drank lots of water, slept great, and avoided the news.  Costa Rica has a definite healing vibe to it.

*The Central Valley was drier than we’d remembered from our prior visit 10 years earlier, and there were several fires while we were there.  In contrast, there was plenty of rain in the La Fortuna area near the Arenal volcano, and Costa Rica’s many mini climates showed their uniqueness as we traversed the country over a span of four weeks.

*Driving is an experience.  Chaotic, crazy, and sometime hair raising!  From speedy drivers who will pass in the most dangerous places, motorcycles weaving in and out, and winding, narrow mountain roads with steep drop-offs, it can be challenging.  Eyes on the road at all times!

*We need to improve our Spanish.  Not just to communicate better but out of respect for a culture who’s main language is Spanish.

If You Go I Recommend:

*Visiting at least one waterfall, one rainforest, a beach, and a place with lots of wildlife.  A good first choice right in the heart of the Central Valley and not too far from San Jose, is Las Paz Waterfall Gardens.  You will also find the beautiful Peace Lodge for overnight stays.

Here you will see gorgeous waterfalls, rescued wildlife, butterflies in various stages of growth that literally land on your hand, and hats, and a lovely, lush rainforest.  Have lunch on the balcony, and enjoy the majestic views, and interesting birds that will try to steal a bit of your food!


*Eat at a local “Soda” which are found all over the country, sometimes on the side of someone’s home!  This is true Costa Rican food, inexpensive, and delicious.

*Grab some Costa Rican Lizano sauce, coffee, and a beautiful rosewood bowl.

If you visit any of these places, let me know!

Next stop for me…Japan, August 2022.

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Pura Vida!

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La Paz Waterfall