Creative Business Strategies

To Help Artists Thrive Online!

Learn how to build your creative business with online classes, effective marketing, and an organized business in just 8 weeks!

Have you tried to do it all?

  • Post on social media
  • Send emails
  • Create online art classes
  • Blog.
  • Sell your work.
  • Reach your people.
  • Get your business well organized.
  • Keep up with the bookkeeping.  Do you know your bottom line and whether you’re even making money?


Are you floundering and feel like you need direction?

Do you sometimes wonder if it’s even possible for you to make a living being a passionate, creative entrepreneur?


I promise you, you can make an incredible living sharing your passion with the world without killing yourself.

How do I know?  I have done it the wrong way and the right way.

I hired the wrong people.  I underestimated the learning curve.  I wasted time...and money.

With a lot of hard work, research, education, and support from the right resources, I have the process down. 
I have helped artists build their online art schools, create residual income, and have four and five figure launches to increase their income, and scale their business to over six figures.

My passion is building businesses.  I thrive on seeing an artist’s dream business come to life, help them have a business that brings them joy, and live the life they want to live!


Trying to do it all yourself, or hiring the wrong people, is a time consuming, money sucking, frustrating experience.  Without a good strategy, you’re wasting valuable resources, and your energy.

Terry Eldridge

Hi!  I’m Terry

I am a Creative Business Strategist and Mixed Media Artist.  As I mentioned earlier, I help artists and creatives build their businesses online and start earning more money without killing themselves in just a couple of months.  As a Mixed Media Artist, I can relate to the creative side, and as a business woman and entrepreneur, I can relate to the business side which is also a creative skill.

I strive to make the process as streamlined as possible and help the creatives I work with have the best possible outcomes.  It’s not always easy, but it is simple once you know the right steps to take.

If you would like to get tips for growing your creative business online, and be part of an amazing, supportive community, take that first step and be sure to join The Wealthy Artist VIP List.  You’ll get short, monthly checklists to help you keep your business moving forward, and you’ll be the first to get information about ways to scale your business beyond your wildest dreams!  You’ll also receive an invitation to my private Facebook group, The Wealthy Artist where you can connect with me and other creatives growing their businesses online.


“Until I started working with Terry,  I had not taught any of my art workshops online. I had no experience with filming or video editing. My experience had been in person or live online instruction.  Terry helped me select the right equipment and software to make my own high quality online workshops.

Her company, Zenso Creative, has also been a wonderful creative community. It is one of the few online platforms that provides support, collaboration, training, and interaction with other instructors and students. The idea of a collective creative community is what intrigued me the most about Zenso. I think it sets Zenso apart from other online art platforms.

As an artist, I think we need a creative community to be a part of. One that freely shares ideas and supports its members.”

Ellie McIntosh

Designer/Artist, EllieMAC Designs