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Are you trying to do it all?

  • Create commissions.
  • Go to shows.
  • Get custom work.
  • Send emails.
  • Post on social media.
  • Hang your work in galleries.
  • Get your business well organized.
  • Keep up with the bookkeeping.

Are you working hard but don’t really know what your bottom line is or whether you’re even making money?

Do you sometimes wonder if it’s even possible for you to make a great living being a passionate artist?

Or maybe you know what you want to do but just not sure how to do it?

I promise you, as a skilled artist, your business can be so much more than you imagine.  


There are multiple ways to earn income from your art without making more art. 

And…it’s a good idea to have multiple income streams in your business so if one slows down, another can pick up.   

My #1 favorite way for artists to make more money, reach more people, and create the most income for their efforts?  It’s no secret. 

It’s online art classes.

I’ve seen the growth that happens when creatives teach online.  I’ve seen it with my my own business, and in the artists I serve. 

I have helped artists strategize five figure launches, reach six figures, and created a six figure business myself!

There are so many great opportunities for artists like you to share your skills with others, elevate them, make more income, and feel great about what you’re doing!

I have developed a proven framework for helping artists with a process that’s not just another “training” where you’re left to fend for yourself. My program incorporates real, live coaching with me, so you get the support you need, and actually get to see the results, one step at a time! 

“The specific how-to’s are exactly what I’ve really needed to feel confident about putting online classes out in the world.”  Michelle B.


Trying to do it all yourself, or hiring the wrong people, is a time consuming, money sucking, frustrating experience.  Without a good strategy, and great support, you’re wasting valuable resources, and your energy.

Terry Eldridge

Hi!  I’m Terry

I am a Creative Business Strategist and Mixed Media Artist.  I help artists, and creatives build their businesses online, and earn residual income through online art classes, and online art schools.

As a Mixed Media Artist, I can relate to the creative side, and as a business woman and entrepreneur, I can relate to the business side, so together, it’s a great combination for being able to serve artists.

I strive to make the process as streamlined as possible, and help the creatives I work with have the best possible outcomes. Once you know the right steps to take, the simple formulas for getting your work out there, and someone to personally guide you, and strategize with you, the sky is the limit!

It wasn’t too long ago that I was exactly where you are right now.  I have since mastered the process, seen the exponential growth in both my own business, and others, and am committed to making it a heck of a lot easier for more artists just like you, to grow quickly, and with ease!


“I’m so thankful for all you are doing for us!  You are an amazing mentor and friend!”  Patty P.

I would love to get you started on your journey to building your art business online, and invite you to explore your unique teaching topics, and your audience, through my FREE featured workshop. 

Check out Mastering Your Topic, And Finding Your Audience.





Mastering Your Topic And Finding Your Audience

Here Is What You Will Learn In This Workshop

  • How to dig deep using simple formulas, and strategies to identify your unique niche.
  • Using that information, you will learn how to stand out from your competition.
  • You will learn how to do some simple testing to make sure the topic is relevant, and will sell.
  • You will learn how to do some simple research to help identify your audience, and find out where they are.

Each of these steps takes only a few minutes to do, but the impact is huge!  Make sure you know what your audience wants first, BEFORE you start filming!

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