“Still Standing.  A Metaphor For Life.”  24″x24″ Mixed Media on Wood Panel.

Available for purchase.

Please enjoy this collection of some of my work. 

Music by Paul Davie.

As seen in Art Seen Magazine, Summer, 2024.


Do You Love Art That Is Inspired By The World Around You?

Discover the beauty of abstract interpretation in Terry’s mixed media pieces which hang in collector’s homes around the world.  Her passion for nature, and the stunning landscapes she has witnessed in her travels, inspire the layers of texture, color, and movement that embody her work.

Wondering If Mixed Media Art Is Right For You?

Do you love to use a variety of materials, and tools when creating art but aren’t sure how to pull it all together or even if mixed media art is right for you?  Before you dig in, and waste a lot of money and time experimenting with no direction, take this quick quiz to see if mixed media is right for you, and where you are in the process.  Once you take the quiz, check out the free mini class I offer to help you get ready to create some beautiful, unique mixed media art.

Ready To Learn How To Create Your Own Mixed Media Art?

Terry teaches both live, and online classes (available soon), to both beginning and experienced artists.  Instruction begins with learning how to hone in on your signature style, and unique creative genius through practice and studies, to learning how to create beautiful handmade papers to add to your work, and pulling it all together with a large, beautiful piece of work you create from a small study.

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Limited Edition Prints

Limited edition high quality, signed, giclee prints are available in various sizes for most of my work.  These prints are sold matted, and include flat rate shipping and handling within the U.S. 

Don’t see a print of an original you love?  Use the Contact link to send me an email and I will be happy to special order one for you. 

Meet the Artist

Terry is a life-long creative, beginning in her early 20’s working in stained glass, textile art, and eventually mixed media fine art.  Her passion for travel and the natural world inspire her work.  She uses her intuitive style to carefully curate the multiple layers in her pieces inviting viewers to come closer and contemplate the details.

When not traveling the planet with her husband, or visiting her children, and grandchildren, Terry spends her time on her property in Northeast Florida tending her gardens, designing and renovating her 1963 ranch, and creating in her home studio.

Terry's Home Studio in NE Florida.

The Riverhouse

Aside from her fine art, Terry has a passion for bringing old houses back to life.  Follow along as she and her husband revive a 1963 Florida ranch, using some creative ingenuity, unique design, and some serious grit. See how she uses many repurposed items in her home, and gardens to give them unique character, visit her in her home studio, and learn how she helps other artists create beautiful mixed media art!

Living A Creative Life

In her monthly Newsletter, Living A Creative Life, Terry shares what’s happening in her studio including new art pieces available for collectors, upcoming classes, and tips for fellow artists. 

She also shares inspiring updates from her Riverhouse home and garden renovations, and delicious recipes from her kitchen.

Her readers enjoy being part of the creative process along side her, gaining valuable insights into leading a creative, and joyous life.

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