Hi!  I’m Terry

Thank you for visiting my website, and your interest in learning more about me.  I’m so happy you are here.

I am a Mixed Media Artist, Creative Business Strategist, Wife, Mom, NeeNee, Serial Entrepreneur, Home Renovator, self proclaimed Tree Hugger, and World Wanderer.

I love to travel, and count three continents, 12 countries, and 43 states among the places I have been.  On my bucket list is to see 2 more continents (Africa and Australia), and get to all 50 states.

My art is always evolving as I balance my various interests, and time with my family, but it is heavily influenced by the natural world.  It is where I am most at home, in the rainforests of Costa Rica, the coastal waters of Maine, or the deep woods of the Pacific Northwest.

I literally breathe easier when I’m in nature.  It is my church, and I feel a deep connection to the earth, and all it’s inhabitants from trees, to rivers, to wildlife.  It breaks my heart to see so much of it continuing to be destroyed.

My travels have awarded me the richness of experiencing other cultures, meeting lifelong international friends, and the understanding that as humans, we all want the same things.  To be loved, safe, and cared for, and to give those things in return.

As I deepen my study of what moves me to use different materials, and mixed media to create pieces that speak to me, and hopefully others, I continue to work towards a body of work I can be proud of, and that leaves some legacy in this crazy world.

My main focus is in mixed media landscapes, trees, flowers, and I will often use the leaves from a favorite garden plant (gardening is another passion) to create custom printed papers to use in my work.

It is a genuinely joyous way to live, and I am so very grateful to have the opportunities I have had.

When I’m not in my home studio, you’ll find me in my gardens creating a food forest, traveling to yet another new place, playing with my grandchildren, reading a good book, cooking a great meal, or going for a swim!

To me, it’s a pretty perfect life.

If you need help creating your perfect life, I hope you’ll reach out.  I love to help wherever I can.


Wishing you peace and creativity!