Kyoto Japan

Artist Statement 

As a self proclaimed travel junky, curiosity seeker, climate advocate, and world wanderer, my work is heavily influenced by my travels, and being in nature.  I focus mainly on mixed media abstract landscapes working off fluid memories of places I have been, imagining their textures, colors, and overall feel.  I use a large variety of mixed media in my work, and love adding layers, and texture.

Art, in its many forms, is a universal language, and being able to experience it throughout the world, has been a gift I am exceedingly grateful for.

My favorite quote by Thomas Kinkade sums it up perfectly.

“Art transcends cultural boundaries.”

I include my own handmade printed papers, often using natural materials such as leaves, berries and grasses, as well as art paper, paints, stamps, pigments, and ephemera I have collected from around the world.

This marriage of natural elements as tools or additions to my work, along with materials from other places, allows me to integrate what is most important to my process.

It is my hope that viewers will delve into the details of my art, intrigued by the layers, and vignettes within the large scope of a piece, and come away with a curiosity for more of the details, more of the story, and a sense that somehow they are part of it.

Nature is my church, and including bits of it in my work is a very soulful, and fulfilling experience for me.  My studio, along with time in nature, brings me as close to myself as anything I have ever experienced, and it’s there that I find the true spirit of living.

Artist Bio

Born in New England in the early 1960’s, Terry was the oldest of nine kids, raised by a creative mother who was a talented oil painter, seamstress, home decorator, and crafter.

The influence of art around her while growing up encouraged her to always spend some time creating, while pursuing careers in business, and entrepreneurship.  In the early 1980’s she worked with stained glass, mosaics, and quilting, and in 2016 began working in fine art.

Terry is mainly self taught, although she has taken many art classes from dozens of seasoned fine artists over the years, which has helped her hone her skills, and develop her process for creating mixed media art.

She has traveled to many places in the world, and is most influenced by nature, and the diverse cultures she has experienced throughout her life.

Her work is currently exhibited in galleries in Florida and available through her website.  Her art hangs in collectors homes throughout the world, and she has taught mixed media classes throughout the United States, and Costa Rica.

When not in the studio, Terry loves to work on her home and gardens, swim, hike, read a great book, travel, and create memories with her husband of many years, her two daughters and son-in-laws,  and her six beloved grandchildren.