Still Standing. A Metaphor For Life.

24″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Wood Panel.

$1500 plus shipping

As with many of my art pieces, this came completely intuitively, as I instinctively placed marks, collage papers, and colors where I felt they should go.  It’s a process that’s hard to explain but the more I do it, the easier it becomes.  The entire time I was working on this piece, I had the little red flower sitting on my work table, and though it didn’t seem to go with any of it, I knew somehow it fit in the composition.

I began with the windy tree, and as I progressed and started seeing the rocks come to life, I knew it needed rain, and then I realized the purpose of the flower.

Despite the wind, rain, rocks, and flooding, the bruised but beautifully blooming flower still stands.  A metaphor for life.

This piece is collaged on all four sides and comes with a wiring kit for hanging as is, or can be custom framed.