You Deserve To Make Money In Your Creative Business Without Struggling. Don’t Do It Alone!

As A Creative, You Are Unique. You Have Unique Skills, Challenges, And Needs.

If you’re reading this page, there’s a good chance you’ve been plodding through your creative business, trying to make a decent living but feeling like you’re constantly on a treadmill, and not really sure what to do next.  A lot of what self employed entrepreneurs deal with is trying to find clarity, and direction in their business but not knowing how to do that.  

They try to do everything by themselves, and that just doesn’t work.  Sound familiar?

It usually goes something like this:
You love to create, and you want to do two things…be validated in your craft, and make a living you can feel good about.

You know you need to figure how to market yourself better online but the thought sends you running to your studio where you can listen to your favorite music, sling some paint and avoid the whole thing.

You have Imposter Syndrome (I’m not good enough), are fearful of being seen, and judged, and dread the technology, and marketing.

You know these challenges are holding you back but you just don’t know where turn so it’s just another excuse to avoid it.

I get it.  We all deal with this at one time or another.  Don’t let it hold you back.  You have so much to offer the world.  It would be a shame not to share it out of fear or procrastination.


I’m Here To Help You Build Your Creative Business And Live YOUR Best Life!


I’m a Mixed Media Artist myself.  I sell my art, and do some commission work, and I love being in my studio.  I have a personal goal to continue to work in the styles I love, and develop a body of work.  So…I know how it goes.  I had to work hard to figure out how to balance helping other artists grow their businesses, while also having enough creative time for myself.


I love helping other artists and creatives build their businesses.  I’ve been building businesses, and helping others build businesses my entire adult life.  I thrive on strategy, and thinking outside the box.

So I figured out how to do both.  My schedule changes from month to month so by opening up slots to help creatives 1:1, I’m finding a more efficient, more successful outcome for both of us.  This allows complete flexibility for my clients, and me, to have the time to create, and pursue the things we love to do.  Life should be joyful, and full of experiences, not stressful, and full of arduous work.

Terry in Costa Rica

Terry Eldridge- Working Remotely in Costa Rica in 2022

What I Offer

Whether You Are Just Getting Started Or Have A Big Project To Tackle, We Can Work Together To Get It Done!

From my complimentary kickoff call, to helping you build an online school, and everything in between, you can book time with me to help brainstorm, strategize, and learn about ways to grow your creative business online, and offline, while remaining true to yourself. 

Outside of the 1:1 support I offer clients, I also have a large bank of valuable proven resources, and online training to help you succeed, and manage your time better so you have more time to create!

Starting with a kickoff call is a great way to identify your unique needs, and get started moving forward, one step at a time, without judgment, and without shame. You can’t know everything!  I’ve spent years learning about marketing, and technology.  I’m ready to help you fast track and share what I’ve learned so your business grows quickly, and efficiently!

Complimentary Kickoff Strategy Call

The best 15 minutes you’ll ever spend gaining clarity on the next steps to take to grow your creative business online!  You will be amazed what we can accomplish in such a short time once I know what your #1 goal is!  You’ll leave the session feeling inspired, and ready to grow!

1 Hour Digital Audit

Have a website, email marketing or social media accounts, but not sure they’re working very well for you?  Or don’t have some of these digital assets? 

We’ll spend an hour reviewing each one, and I’ll help you brainstorm strategies for optimizing those assets.

1 Hour Strategy Session

 Need a more detailed plan for moving forward in your business, need help with organization, and time management strategies, or not sure what you need but want someone to point you in the right direction?

Use this 1 hour session for your unique needs.

3 Hour Block

Need more than 1 hour of coaching, brainstorming, or training?  Safe some money and book a 3 hour block which can be used in either (2) 1.5 hour sessions, or (3) 1 hour Zoom sessions.  This is a great option if you have a new online class to upload, want to create a new email sequence, or any other small project.  We’ll work on whatever is most important to you!

8 Hour Block

8 Hour Blocks include a 1 hour planning session (unless done previously), and 7 hours of technology, and marketing support broken into two 3 or 4 hour blocks.  Some sessions will be on Zoom, some will be behind the scenes work.  These blocks are great for creatives who are building an online school, need a launch plan, need a detailed email marketing campaign, or other large project.

What Other Creatives Have Said

I have helped dozens of self employed, creative entrepreneurs just like you clarify their goals, embrace technology, and marketing, and grow their creative businesses.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes commitment, and consistency.  But having someone who can save you so much time, money, and frustration so you don’t give up, is key to your success!
“[]I was strongly considering diving into teaching online workshops, but I had absolutely no idea how to go about it. Then along came Terry Eldridge who had already spent a great deal of time figuring out just what I needed to know. I consider her a gift to my career. She showed me what equipment was needed to do my own filming, what programs to use for editing, and she provided critical marketing expertise. Having the ability to offer classes online and create a steady flow of income has given me peace during these uncertain times. It is so awesome to have students all over the world taking my classes right now! None of this would have been possible without the assistance from Terry. I would still have been just sitting in my studio thinking about making the change and not taking action.  Terry, you have literally changed my life!
Ali Kay

Mixed Media Contemporary Artist, Ali Kay Studio

“Terry helped me to fulfill my dream of getting my classes online. I have struggled doing this myself for over a decade. Her help and knowledge are priceless! I couldn’t have done it without her! She continues to help me with all of my technology, and online marketing needs!”
Gi Indoccio

Mindfulness and Life Coach, Be Mindful With Gi

“Until I joined Terry,  I had not taught any of my art workshops online. I had no experience with filming or video editing. My experience had been in person or live online instruction. Terry helped me select the right equipment and software to make my own high quality online workshops. This has also been a wonderful creative community. It is one of the few online communities that provides support, collaboration, training, and interaction with other instructors and students. The idea of a collective creative community is what intrigued me the most. As an artist, I think we need a creative community to be a part of. One that freely shares ideas and supports its members.” 
Ellie McIntosh, EllieMacDesigns
Ellie McIntosh

Fine Artist/Interior Designer, EllieMac Designs

“Terry helped me to fulfill my dream of getting my classes online. I have struggled doing this myself for over a decade. Her help and knowledge are priceless! I couldn’t have done it without her! She continues to help me with all of my technology, and online marketing needs!”
Ellie Ellis

Master Decorative Artisan, Elite Artistry By Ellie


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