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Not sure where to start?

I suggest starting with scheduling a 30 minute complimentary digital audit with me.  Since each artist offers different products, and services, it’s important to understand what your business goals are, what you are trying to achieve, and why you’re trying to achieve them. 

I’ll gather some information on where you are now in your business, we’ll strategize and take notes together via my screen, and end with three, simple, actionable steps you can take to start seeing immediate results!


I recently talked to an artist who is transitioning from doing faux finishing work, and moving into fine art work.  She has no website, no email marketing, and no social media.  She does plan to be on social media.  She wanted to know how she could get her name, and her fine art work out there so she could start building that part of the business.

She shared her five year plan for semi retirement, and we strategized three steps she could take right away, that would help her start marketing her art.  A week later, I got the email below.

She’s still planning to stay off social media but is having a beautiful website built so her clients, and visitors can learn more about her, her work, and her story. (Cue the love emoji!)

So I opened my mouth and have sold 6 paintings . One client is having a 50th birthday party next week and art will be on display.  I didn’t believe it! Now I do!

Laura Heilig

Faux Finisher/Fine Artist

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