Original photo of house.


If you have been following me for awhile you’ll know that in May 2023, my husband and I bought this property in Northeast Florida, about 25 miles West of St. Augustine.  It’s a 1963 ranch with some 1980’s or 90’s additions and was in need of some serious love.

Fortunately for us, we’ve done this before and we have a passion for bringing old houses back to life.  Well, I do anyway.  My husband is pretty handy and goes along with it!  We knew this place was a little gem sitting on just under an acre with plenty of space, and all the things we were looking for.  It has an art studio for me, a workshop for him, a pool for both of us, and plenty of room for family and friends to share it all with.

It looks small in this original photo but it’s actually 2400 square feet and though we never thought we’d need that much space, we use every room daily except for the guest room.  The main house has a large kitchen and dining area, huge front hall which will be turned into an art gallery, a large living room that overlooks the pool, large master bedroom, bath and walk in closet, a guest room, second bath, and a third bedroom that is currently my art studio.


This pool was in rough shape when we bought the house and since it was getting hot, it was the first thing we tackled.  The screens in the lanai had to be replaced, we spent the first two weeks scrubbing, cleaning and balancing the chemicals in it, then finally painted the old worn, orange decking a beautiful neutral beige. 

 We originally were planning to use an expensive pool decking paint but the gentleman at Home Depot was super helpful, and told us we’d be ok with Behr Solid Masonary Stain.  It was around $250 for a five gallon bucket (which I also used on my studio floor and the inside of the potting shed), and the giant roller and handle were another $40.  We ended up returning the tray because it was just as easy to pour the stain on the pool deck, and roll it out.  It only took a day with cutting in, and rolling it with that huge roller and the results were amazing!  You can find the stain here. 

 We added seating areas, and tropical plants, and it’s now a lovely place to hang out.  We’ll be painting that back orange brick wall a surprise color next, when I’ll have a full pool area reveal.


Here’s a couple of things to think about if you’re buying a house with a pool.  #1 Have a pool company come out and inspect it.  You need an expert to go through the entire system and make sure everything is working properly.  #2 Consider having a specialized company look for leaks.  We did not do this and have a small leak in one of the jets.  The cost for this in this area is around $400 but well worth the money if you end up with any major kind of leaks which fortunately we do not have.  #3 Maintenance is key!  If you don’t know how to maintain a pool, have someone do it for you.

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