Intuitive Mixed Media Workshop

Are you struggling to create art that’s truly unique and authentic to you or just looking for a new, creative way to express yourself?


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Do you like the idea of using a variety of different tools, and techniques to create art you never thought you could create?

This is definitely the workshop for you!  

I’m excited to share the process I developed for myself to consistently create beautiful mixed media works of art using the same steps over and over with dramatic results!

In this workshop I’ll show you how:

*How to avoid creator’s block!

*How to create with your intuition.

*What tricks to use to keep the process simple.

*How to create beautiful compositions, and keep track of what works for you and what doesn’t.

 What other students are saying about Terry’s classes:

“Thank you Terry! I so very much enjoyed the class yesterday. It was a great “brain break” for me.”

Laura Heilig

“Thank so much for a really enjoyable class. I truly loved it and had so many questions answered.  I am excited for your next class.” 

Pat Block

“Terry, I enjoyed the Discover your Style class in that it prompted me to write down some things about my art that I’d never written before. Things like what I love/don’t love working with and especially swatching colors I particularly like and reach for every time. I have them all down and labeled in my journal. The mixed media class was fun because I like working small and in multiples.” 

Joelle Volenec




This Workshop Is For Beginners And Experienced Artists Alike!  

It’s an approach to creativity without stress that allows you to make something you never thought you could do using just your instincts!

I will be guiding you but you’ll be doing the creating!

You’ll learn:

*How to use a variety of materials and tools to create incredible depth, texture and interest. (Many of these you already have around your house!)

*How to create beautiful, handprinted, custom papers to use in your work to guarantee a unique outcome.

*How to record and keep track of what works for you so you can repeat the process and begin to develop your unique style.

*How to add “signature techniques” to your style.

*And so much more!


Ready To Do This?

Join me, Terry Eldridge, Mixed Media Artist and Instructor, for this innovative, inspirational, and soul thriving workshop!

$75.00 includes all materials.  $10 discount for Members of the St. Augustine Beach Studio, and Gathering Artists Of Putnam.

Students will create two 5″x7″ intuitive paintings, and leave with handprinted custom papers, and a goodie bag!

Water and snacks available.  Feel free to bring a lunch if you would like.

Wear comfortable painting clothes and shoes.  We’ll be getting messy!



Workshop Details

When?: Saturday, July 27, 2024, 9:00am to 1:00pm.

Where? Ravine Gardens State Park, 1600 Twigg Street, Palatka, FL

Come be inspired by the beautiful surroundings, and learn how to use tools from nature to create stunning designs. (No worries, we’ll be inside in AC but will take a short stroll in the gardens prior to beginning our creations).