Ready To Create Exciting Art That’s Authentic And Unique To You?

Feel like you’re just floundering creating a little of this, and a little of that or watching other artist’s work and wishing you could create something special?

Guess what?  You can.  My series of Mixed Media Art Classes take students from small studies, to great paintings, all through intuition, a proven process, and a little practice. 

All from the comfort of home, in your jammies, and favorite slippers.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, I guarantee you’ll have a blast with these classes!

You can check them out in my online school.   BUT…before you spend any money, I strongly suggest taking my FREE mini class, where you’ll take some time to discover what your artistic style, and voice are all about.  Laying this foundation first is so helpful especially if you’re just starting out or kind of lost your way.


Start By Exploring Mixed Media

This class is the foundation for everything else you will do in your Mixed Media work.  Creating a study book of “mini scapes”, and learning what your signature style is, is important to help you develop your personal process, and create consistent work that is recognizable to your viewers.

Handprinted Papers For Mixed Media

Available April, 2024 Pre-Registration Now Open!

This is one of my favorite parts of the process!!  Creating handprinted papers, and adding them to my Mixed Media art, gives my pieces layers that cannot otherwise be achieved through just paint alone.  

I’ll share all the ways I create both realistic, and abstract papers, color considerations, materials, and more in this fun and innovative class!

I’ll also share how I use one very simple type of paper as one of my signature layers.

Mixed Media With An Impressionist Twist!


This popular style combines mixed media with a contemporary impressionistic twist.  In this class, students delve deeply into first creating an intuitive composition based on either a photograph or memory, then layer the piece with a variety of mixed media to add light, value, texture, depth, and interest.