Package 1

Digital Audit + Written Plan

Your online business is equal to having a physical storefront or studio, but translating how you interact with your customers in a physical setting vs. a digital setting can be a challenge!  It begins with understanding that your website IS your store, and YOU are the brand.


If you want to build your art business online, or are considering teaching online art classes, but not quite sure if you're ready, this is a good place to start. Whether you teach, sell your artwork, or both, you need to have a well-branded, consistent, converting digital plan to make sales, and reach your audience.


This package allows us to delve deep into what you have now and help you restructure, recreate, or build on what's current so you have a really strong foundation for your business moving forward.

I will help you delve into the details of your digital assets including your website, email marketing, branding, and social media to help you sort through it all, and create a consistent plan for growth.


You will receive a written report that includes a step-by-step guide so you can carry out one task at a time.

Your step-by-step efforts will result in a coordinated digital presence, and a strong business foundation.

What's Included

This package includes scheduled, recorded Zoom meetings.

  • Website Review
    Review of your website for message, branding, consistency, functionality, conversion,  optimal sales funnels, and ability to build an email list.
  • Email Marketing Review
    Do you have a marketing program in place? If so, is it working correctly? If not, we will talk about establishing one.
  • Social Media Review
    Audit of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.
  • Branding Review
    Does it represent you, and your work?  Is it consistent? Does it send the right message?
  • Offline Business
    Does it coincide with the online business? Does it help build your online business?
  • Detailed Report
    You will receive a written report with suggestions in each of these areas for making improvements, edits, or additions, as well as a list of resources available to you.

Package 1

$1950 .00

Duration 1 month

Or 2 payments of $1025
  • A Full Audit of your Current Digital Assets, Related Services, or Products
  • Discussion of Marketing Outside of the Digital Space
  • A Detailed, Written Plan for Moving Forward
    Includes: (but not limited to) Suggestions for Optimizing Your Website, Social Media, Branding, and Creative Marketing Strategies

Additional Information

Written AgreementWhen you hire me to work with you, I provide a written agreement (see below), to be sure our expectations of each other are clear, and that you are aware of the work that will be required in order to help you be successful.  Please read this Agreement in its entirety prior to purchasing this package.

Website Services Are Not IncludedMy services do not include setup or edits of websites. I have outside resources who can  assist with your website. 

Payment PlansA Payment Plan is available for this package.

Your ParticipationYour participation in critical to your success! This is not a set it and forget it program. It’s up to YOU to do what is needed as we work together, to build your business, get everything in place, and market yourself. I am here to give you all the tools you need, encourage you, guide you, and continue to support you but I cannot be your brand.

Community of Support in a Private Group SettingMy services include access to a private group of successful artists who work together to help support, and encourage each other. The group is very active, productive, and a huge bonus to the community I serve.

I am here for you!I consider my relationships with the artists I serve, ongoing. I won’t leave you hanging. I offer follow-up monthly services, 1:1 consultations by the hour, and I am happy to answer questions via email.

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