Package 2

Digital Audit+Online School Setup

Setup Of Your Online Art School Through Thinkific Platform And All Integrations


This package is for the artist who wants to publish online art classes, offer them independently, and have control over their content, and their income, but they don't want to set it up themselves.


First, I’ll take you through the audit as detailed in Package 1. From there, we'll know where you are, and what might need to be tweaked first  BEFORE you start filming any classes. Then through a series of downloadable guides,  one-on-one Zoom calls, and direct tutorials from me, I’ll help you learn how to plan,  create, film, edit, publish, and host your first online class!


I will set up your school for you, then I will record a complete tutorial for your reference that will include everything we have done.  

Ready To Get Your Art Classes Online?

What's Included

This package includes scheduled, recorded Zoom meetings.

  • Everything in Package 1
    A full audit of your current digital assets, and discussion of marketing outside of the digital space. 
  • 1:1 Guidance On Creating An Online Art Class
    Training on how to plan, create, film, edit, publish, and host online art classes with one-on-one  support for each step
  • Pre-Launch Assistance
    Assistance with a pre-launch plan 6 weeks prior to the launch of your first class.

  • Setup Of Your Online Art School
    Setup of your online art school using the Thinkific platform with one complete class. Includes all integrations of merchant account, email platform, welcome emails, and a complete tutorial of how to use the platform.
  • Lesson in Analytics
    We'll talk about the different options for looking at analytics to help you understand your business more clearly, and put your efforts where they are most productive!

Package 2


Duration 3 months

Or 3 payments of $1700
  • A Full Audit of your Current Digital Assets, Related Services, or Products
  • Training On How to Create Online Art Classes Including Planning, Creating, Filming, And Editing
  • Assistance With Uploading, And Publishing Your First Class On The Thinkific Platform.
  • Analytics Training for You or Your Assistant for Future Reference

Additional Information

Written AgreementA

Website Services Not IncludedMy services do not include setup or edits of websites. I have outside resources who can  assist with your website. 

Payment PlansA Payment Plan is available for this package.

Your Participation Your participation is critical to your success! This is not a set it and forget it program. It’s up to YOU to do what is needed as we work together, to build your business, get everything in place, and market yourself. I am here to give you all the tools you need, encourage you, guide you, and continue to support you but I cannot be your brand.

Community of Support in a Private Group SettingMy services include access to a private group of successful artists who work together to help support and encourage each other. The group is very active, productive, and a huge bonus to the community I serve.

I am here for you!I consider my relationships with the artists I serve, ongoing. I won’t leave you hanging. I offer follow-up monthly services, 1:1 consultations by the hour, and I am happy to answer questions via email.

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