Online Business Growth For Artists
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Are you struggling to grow your art business, and tired of being a starving artist?  Are you watching other artists succeed in their business, and wonder what the secret is?

Do you know you need to have a better online presence but it's all just overwhelming?


I totally get it!! I spend tons of time on the computer, and all the information can be overwhelming.  But I also know that the right mindset, good support, a great website, planned email marketing, well branded social media, consistency, and perseverance, combine to help build a great business! 


I help artists overcome the fear of technology, and marketing, clarify their goals, and help them create a strong foundation for their business to help them have a greater chance at success, and more time in their studio!

Hi!  I'm Terry.  I am a Mixed Media Artist and a Creative Business Strategist.  I have built several businesses in my career and helped others build theirs.  I LOVE helping people grow as an entrepreneur, and I go at it with determination, experience, and a great sense of responsibility.  


I've seen the struggles artists face when it comes to building their businesses both online, and offline, and I'm here to help. 


After working for the past years with artists who wanted to earn more income, and reach more students by teaching online, I realized without a strong foundation, it's really hard to be successful online.


If you're ready to fast track your art business, and spend far less time learning the steps to be successful, I hope you'll take advantage of this FREE class!  I really want you to have a good start, and not struggle.

If you want to live a prosperous life as a creative, bring in residual income, and live the life you want to live, you need to know how to set yourself up online to be successful!

This is a great place to start whether you are just starting to build an online art business, or have been at it for awhile and frustrated with the results.

I'll break it down into single action steps...

We'll do one thing at a time, and I'll take you step by step, to help alleviate the stress, and overwhelm of the technology.

I'll help you identify your brand...

I will give you tools, and tutorials for helping you identify your brand, be consistent in using it, and keep you organized.

Before you know it, you'll be excited about what's ahead, not dreading it!

It can be scary, but you CAN embrace the technology, and feel confident marketing you, and your skills. 

I've seen how successful artists can be. 

Here are some of the benefits you could experience if you take this class.

  • Organization of your time, and clarity on your why, what, where, and how.
  • You will identify your strengths, identify obstacles, and use that information to build a creative plan that works for you, and your business.
  • You will develop your brand with simple steps, and online tools.
  • You will have access to checklists and downloadsvto help you keep moving forward and knock off tasks in a way that makes sense.
  • You will receive a list of vetted, reliable resources, to help you in areas you don't feel confident in or for tasks you don't want to do yourself.
  • You will be invited to my private student Facebook group where you can share your experiences, ask questions, and be part of a growing community of supportive, artist entrepreneurs.

This free training is available for one full year after you enroll.  I encourage you to access it as soon as possible, go through the lessons, and exercises, and join our Facebook group to get the most out of the program.

Be The Artist Entrepreneur You Want To Be!

Need some assurance?
Hear what these thriving artists have to say!

Ellie McIntosh

Fine Artist and Designer

EllieMAC Designs

EllieMac Art School


"Until I started working with Terry and Zenso Creative™, I had not taught any of my art workshops online. I had no experience with filming or video editing. My experience had been in-person and live online instruction. Terry helped me select the right equipment and software to make my own high-quality, online workshops. 


Zenso has also been a great creative community. It is one of the few online platforms that provides support, collaboration, training, and interaction with other instructors and students. The idea of a collective creative community is what intrigued me the most about Zenso. I think it sets Zenso apart from other online art platforms.


As an artist, I think we need a creative community to be a part of, one that freely shares ideas and supports its members."


Ellie Ellis

Decorative Artisan

Elite Artistry by Ellie

Elite Artistry Academy


"I am so happy I joined the Zenso Creative™ community! Terry helped me fulfill my dream of getting my classes online! I have struggled doing this myself for over a decade. She literally held my hand and told me, 'You can do this!' Her help and knowledge are priceless!"

Ali Kay

Mixed Media Artist

Ali Kay Studio

Ali's Art School


"About 2 years ago, I was strongly considering diving into teaching online workshops, but I had absolutely no idea how to go about it. Then along came Terry Eldridge, who had already spent a great deal of time figuring out just what I needed to know. I consider her a gift to my career. She showed me what equipment was needed to my own filming, which programs to use for editing, and she provided critical marketing expertise. Having the ability to offer classes online and create a steady flow of income has given me peace during these uncertain times. It is so awesome to have students all over the world taking my classes right now! None of this would have been possible without the assistance of Terry and Zenso Creative™. I would still be sitting in my studio thinking about making the change, and not taking action. I highly recommend Terry Eldridge and Zenso Creative™ as a launch pad for your online career!"

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