Is Mixed Media Art For You?

Do you wish your art was more interesting, more detailed, more personal, and more unique?

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Do you like to use a lot of different materials in your art practice?

This is probably the #1 reason many artists decide to pursue mixed media as their preferred form of creating art.  I know it was for me!  It’s easy to get bored and lose creative momentum when you’re interested in experimenting with multiple types of art materials, and tools. There are so many!

The flip side of this wonderful curiosity however, can be trying to figure out how to pull it all together, and creative work that is cohesive, and still exciting.

So how do you know if mixed media art is right for you?  Take this short quiz, and find out!  You’ll know in less than 2 minutes how interested you are in mixed media!

And to keep you going in your quest to learn more about yourself as an artist, once you take the quiz, I’ll send you a free link to my mini class, ,”A Guide To Getting You Started In Mixed Media” that will immediately set you in the right direction for narrowing down your focus. 

There Are So Many Benefits To Creating Mixed Media Art!  

Here are just a few.

*You get to use a lot of different materials and tools.

*The ideas for creating are endless!  (Both a blessing and a curse.)

*Your work can be truly authentic, and completely unique.  No more feeling like your work looks like other artists!

*Once you create a solid process, it’s easy to create a huge body of work.

*It can be both abstract and realistic.

*It’s addictive.  In a good way!


Committing To Mixed Media Art Changed My Life!

I spent a solid year trying to figure out what my creative style was, create a body of work, and develop a process that would keep me focused, but still give me the opportunity to use a lot of different types of materials, and tools so I wouldn’t get bored.

There were a lot of things I learned along the way, and once I narrowed down the process, and determined what I liked and didn’t like to work with, the world opened up for me, my art got better, and everything fell into place!

Now, I teach others how to do what I have done, in just a few days vs. a whole year.

Think mixed media might be right for you?  Maybe it’s time to find out, and start creating a creative art practice that’s both exciting, and consistent.


It could change your life too!