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What Brings You Towards Your Light?

Each of us has a passion, dreams, desires for the way we want our life to be.  Use this download to create one long sentence about what is that is important to you, and clarify how you want your business, and your life to work together in a way that brings you the peace, and fulfillment you want.  THIS one thing is the driving force around everything else you do.  Without this clarity, it will be challenging to stay focused, and on track.  All things point to this.  Start by understanding the importance of creating your own personal statement.  

What Are The Obstacles You Are Facing And How Are They Holding You Back?

Once you know what it is that’s driving you, and brings you joy, it’s important to clarify what (or who) is holding you back, or distracting you from staying focused on your personal statement and the things that bring you happiness, and light.  It’s important to gain awareness of these obstacles, and tackle them one by one so you can eliminate, automate or delegate them in ways that better serve you. 

Simplify, Eliminate, Automate, Delegate, Or Negotiate

You have identified the obstacles now, how do you go about removing them or restructuring them to better serve you?  There are a number of ways to tackle obstacles that either aren’t serving you well, or could serve you well if they were better structured or revisited.  These simple strategies will help you understand with the utmost of clarity, what you should do with each of the obstacles you listed in the previous exercise.  Some may be hard to handle, but by dealing head on with one at a time, you’ll be free to move towards bigger, and better things.

Make Money With Your Art Without Making More Art!

Artists often feel like they need to make more of their work, take more commissions, hang more in galleries, write more songs, poetry, whatever it is.  If you’re willing to think outside the box, there are many ways to make more money with your art, without making more art.  The old saying, “Work smarter, not harder”, comes to mind here.  In this free download, I’ll share 10 tips for Making Money With Your Art Without Making More Of It!